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New & Improved Formula Based on Extensive Research & Years of Customer Feedback

Anti Inflammatory Herbs Hold The Secret To "Permanent Relief Of Painful PMS Symptoms"

 “Discover The Scientific Methods For Permanently Eliminating Painful PMS Symptoms Using Unbelievable Easy,
Affordable Natural PMS Relief  Secrets – And Learn How To Stop Period Cramps For Good!”

Medical and scientific research reveals the most powerful home remedies for cramps, aches, pains and premenstrual
tension… …So if you’re ready to learn how to relieve menstrual cramps for good, then it’s time to discover the innovative and
powerful formula of Period Vitamin!

period vitamin

Breaking free from the cycle of period pain starts – and ends –
with Period Vitamin, a safe and scientifically-proven all-natural remedy for PMS relief.

For years, the medical community has struggled with providing millions of women with the PMS pain relief they need… They’ve searched high and low for a way to end the excruciating cramps, the awful aches and the debilitating headaches that come hand-in-hand with your premenstrual syndrome.

And until today, they’ve always come up empty…

…While day after day, your body is put through more PMS torture.

From the wild mood swings and painful bloating to the constant feeling of fatigue, your PMS follows you 24/7.

But the medical community could only offer the following advice: take a couple of painkillers, apply a hot compress to the abdomen and just get on with your day.

There’s no denying that science may try to explain what PMS means – but that doesn’t mean that they understand what women go through on a daily basis. Women don’t want to learn about the inner workings of premenstrual tension, or why cramps happen.

They don’t want to learn how their ovaries work – after all, this isn’t a sixth-grade science class. Instead of explanations,
You Want Results.

  • You want fast and effective menstrual pain relief.
  • You want instant results.
  • You want an end to the severe period pain.
  • You want it right now!

PMS relief isn’t about just putting an end to the severe period cramps. It’s about learning how to prevent cramps so you can maintain a healthy relationship with your kids and partner.

It’s about easing menstrual cramps so you can play with your kids.

It’s about the kind of PMS relief that means you can be intimate with your partner without feeling like you’ve been punched in the stomach.

And it’s about learning what helps cramps so you can maintain your productivity at work, enjoy an active social calendar, and lead a fulfilling life that’s not held back by PMS.

In short, you need to snatch your life back from the jaws of PMS relief…

And the medical community has finally discovered the way you can do just that.

What Makes Period Vitamin So
Powerful and Effective?

Period Vitamin represents a radical new approach to natural PMS relief. By combining key vitamins, minerals and herbs together to create a potent formula, Period Vitamin helps you to replace the nutrients you lose each month, strengthen your immune system and adjust your hormone levels.

In short, It Eliminates PMS While It Strengthens Your Body!

So just what natural ingredients make up this incredible formula?
Take a look and see for yourself:

Take A Look At The
Key Ingredients


Evening Primrose | Gently Soothes Pain Away

Chosen because it’s been long prized by Native American women as an effective PMS remedy (they actually ate the seeds of the Evening Primrose plant). Contains gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) – the active form of the omega-6 fatty acid.

Gently reduces irritability, depression, cramping and breast tenderness.In a noteworthy clinical study performed at St. Thomas Hospital in London, 70 women were administered Evening Primrose three times daily. Forty-seven women experienced total relief. Another fifteen experienced partial relief. And not one of these women had previously responded to “conventional” treatments. That’s pretty awesome!


Chasteberry | Top Hormone Balancing Act

Chosen because of the hormone balancing properties of this ancient remedy. Homer spoke of this fragrant flower in The Illiad and the father of medicine, Hippocrates, eagerly prescribed it.

The key to Chasteberry’s effectiveness is its ability to work through the pituitary gland to regulate estrogen and progesterone production.

It’s known to reduce breast pain, acne associated with PMS, fluid retention, headaches, mood swings and general irritability. Evidence suggests it may also help to stimulate libido.

Chasteberry has been the subject of no less than 30 clinical trials over the last 50 years. Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics, The Journal of Women’s Health and Gender Based Medicine and the British Medical Journal have all reported on the positive results realized by daily Chasteberry use.


Cranberry | Relief of a Different Kind

Chosen because herbalists have proven for centuries its effectiveness in warding off urinary tract infections. Cranberry effectively prevents bacteria from adhering to the wall of the bladder.

Urinary tract infections are not a PMS issue. Still, the prevalence of urinary tract infections in women and Period Vitamin’s passion for holistic health prompted Cranberry’s inclusion.


White Willow Bark | Pre-Asperin Pain Reliever

Chosen because it’s Mother Nature’s all-natural pain reliever. Its active ingredient is salicin, which the body converts into salicylic acid. You may be familiar with acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) which is chemically synthesized by drug companies.

White Willow Bark is used by Native Americans and in traditional Chinese medicine to treat acute and chronic pain, including headaches, back and neck pain, muscle aches, menstrual cramps and arthritis. It works by lowering the body’s levels of prostaglandins – hormone-like compounds that regulate many activities in the body.


Red Raspberry | For A Happy Uterus

Chosen because it’s a multitasking herb that’s “smart” enough to know what your body needs and acts accordingly.
When your hormones are all out of whack, Red Raspberry filters excess hormones out of the blood stream.

When your uterus is all cramped up, Red Raspberry’s ferulic acid shrinks swollen tissue and relieves muscle spasms.
When your period is extra heavy, Red Raspberry turns off the floodgates.
Sidelined by those horrible hot flashes?
Red Raspberry can “cool you off” quickly. Here’s more …

Red Raspberry is loaded with important vitamins and minerals like B3 (Niacin), C and Manganese which boost cell respiration and metabolism giving you better circulation, healthier looking skin and higher memory function.


Black Cohosh | Jack Of All Trades

Here’s another traditional Native American medicinal plant that’s largely ignored by the modern American medical community. It’s been universally accepted in Europe and in Germany it’s officially classified as a medicine.

Chosen because of its historic and proven anti-spasmodic properties which reduce the cramps and pain of the menstrual cycle. Recent studies reveal Black Cohosh reduces hot flashes, swelling, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, depression and irritability. And it’s well known for its ability to regulate estrogen levels, reduce blood pressure and increase circulation.

If you’re suffering from the negative side effects of conventional hormone replacement therapy, take note. Black Cohosh contains a phytoestrogen that mimics your body’s natural estrogen. Use it to reduce those negative side effects.

And 15 Other Powerful Digestive Aids

Wild Yam. Damiana. Calcium 50mg. Calcium 50mg. Magnesium 25mg. Iron 18mg.
Vitamin C 60mg. Vitamin E 15IU. Vitamin A 5000IU. Vitamin B1 3mg. Vitamin B-6 50mg.
Niacin 40mg. Pantothenic acid 50mg. Folic acid 400mcg.Vitamin K-1 90mcg

These are just some of the common PMS symptoms the ingredients in Period Vitamin have eased or totally eliminated altogether.

Isn’t it time you treated yourself to effective, long-lasting and natural PMS relief?

The Shocking Truth About How Doctors See PMS

If you’re reading this letter, then you might not find this so shocking after all.

Perhaps you went to your doctor to complain about ineffective painkillers, or the fact that your prescription PMS treatment isn’t working. No matter what you wanted to say, your doctor probably sat you down and said in the most condescending manner possible:

“There’s nothing we can do to permanently treat severe period pain. It’s something that all women have to go through – and you’ll have to find a way to live with it.”

Your doctor sees severe period pain as something completely “normal” – and if your PMS medication isn’t working, then it’s just something that you have to “live with”.

Well, guess what: the excruciating cramps, headaches, fatigue and mood swings isn’t something that you have to “live with.”

Abnormal period pain isn’t something that’s “incurable”, nor is it something that you should be expected to treat with ordinary over-the-counter pain medication.

You shouldn’t have to simply live with it – you should be able to learn how to get rid of cramps.

You should experience life again without worrying about when that next killer cramp would strike next, or whether you’re going to scream and cry at your husband for forgetting to do the dishes.

You should get your life back

And if you’re ready to do something about it, it’s time to take a closer look at what exactly is happening in your body – and why home remedies for cramps is just the permanent solution for menstrual pain relief you’ve been looking for:

Forget What PMS Means – Here's How To Fight Back

There’s a better way to find the best PMS treatment – and it doesn’t involve greedy pharmaceutical companies or ineffective prescription drugs.

It doesn’t take a detective to realize that doctors are going about menstrual cramp relief the wrong way. Prescription medications only treat severe period pain on the outside with dangerous pharmaceutical ingredients. Instead of treating secondary symptoms with ineffective medication…

…You need to treat your severe period pain from the inside by working WITH your body.

Certain nutrients can significantly impact the way a woman’s body handles severe period pain. Mother Nature provided us with enough herbs and minerals to maximize the female body’s defense against painful bloating, period migraines and even mood swings.

And incorporating just a few key vitamins in your daily diet can make all the difference in the fight for menstrual cramps relief.

Not sure what that means?

Take a look at the most common PMS symptoms

and how to ease menstrual cramps comes down to the right combination of key vitamins, minerals and herbs


You know the feeling of cramps all too well. The gripping pain in your pelvis and lower back that makes your double over in agony. For many, the pain is so severe that they can barely get out of bed for days. Prostaglandins, certain molecular compounds, are released during your period. These compounds cause the sharp uterine contractions that women fear. The best treatments for these cramps are anti-inflammatory agents and pain killers. Niacin is a great B vitamin that can help ease cramping. Also, take advantage of herbal solutions like White Willow Bark, which has been used as a natural pain killer for centuries.

Migraine Headaches

On top of the debilitating cramps and body aches, you might suffer from migraine headaches. These aren’t just your average headache. They can last for days and even bring with them nausea, diarrhea, and vision problems. All of this, thanks to your body trying to cope with imbalanced hormones! Decreasing stress levels and relaxing in dark rooms can certainly help, but these aren’t exactly easy remedies for busy women. Your body is crying out for anti-inflammatory agents and anything that can help ease your fluctuating hormones. Try adding more folic acid to your diet, which helps relieve your PMS tension. Have you heard of black cohosh? This medicinal plant has been prized by Native Americans for its ability to help relieve headaches.

Breast Swelling and Tenderness

You might be embarrassed to talk about your breast swelling and tenderness. You’re not the only one to suffer like this! You’re breasts feel painful and tender to the touch. They might even feel heavier. Physical activity can help alleviate the pain, but a jog sounds like torture when your breasts hurt so much. What’s the cause for this pain? You guessed it. Much like most of your troubles, breast swelling and tenderness is causes by fluctuating hormone levels. You absolutely need trusty anti-inflammatory agents to help combat your pain. Evening primrose, which also helps fight breakouts, can bring you relief from your sore breasts.

Food Cravings

You know how much you crave sweet or salty foods when you experience PMS. Some women avoid the grocery store or restaurants, for fear that they’ll eat everything in sight! Did you know there is actually scientific evidence that supports these cravings? When you suffer from PMS, your body’s level of magnesium drops. Magnesium is an important nutrient that regulates how your body breaks down sugar. Once your body detects a lack of sugar, those cravings for chocolate and other fatty foods kick in. Luckily, a straight-forward remedy for this is adding a magnesium supplement to your diet.

Weight Gain

Closely tied to your food cravings is the cold hard truth that women gain weight when they suffer from PMS. Think about how vulnerable you are during this time of the month. You’re emotional so you eat. Then you gain weight, making you more distressed. It’s a never-ending battle! This is again tied to your body screaming because of a magnesium deficiency. What’s worse is that the refined sugar in sweets can actually increase your magnesium deficiency, creating a vicious cycle. You can finally put a stop your PMS weight gain by increasing your calcium intake. But did you know that you need to up your magnesium intake to be able to fully absorb the calcium that will help you keep those pounds off?


Sleep Pattern Changes

Your sleep cycle is so sensitive. It’s all tied to your mood, stress levels, and hormone variations. When your PMS symptoms are at their worst, you just want to escape with a good night’s sleep or a nap. But if you’ve ever experienced a night of staring at your ceiling, unable to sleep, you know just how frustrating this PMS symptom is. Your irritability increases your stress levels, which makes it difficult to sleep. Without enough sleep, you’re even more stressed! Lower levels of serotonin during this time of the month are the culprit that causes your sleep troubles. Red Raspberry is a medicinal plant that helps you flush excess hormones out of your system, allowing you to find restful sleep.


Bloating is another symptom that women can look forward to during that time of the month. Do you suffer from a swollen abdomen, ankles, or legs as a side effect of PMS? Many women retain so much water that they feel like they can barely fit into their clothing. Think about how much of a blow to your ego this is. You already feel so emotional. Never mind that fact that you won’t be able to wear anything but sweatpants! But there is hope. Vitamin B-6 is a tried and true remedy that regulates fluid retention. Calcium, too, helps with bloating and a variety of other PMS ailments.

Changes in Mood

Do you feel like a stranger to yourself during this time of the month? Can your moods shift from happy, to anxious, to depressed, in minutes? Your emotions shift because your body is crying out for help. Your hormones are all out of whack. The fluctuating progesterone levels, and the sudden release of prostaglandins in your body wreck havoc with your emotions. However, certain vitamins and herbs are powerful weapons in this hormone war. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that provides relief from moodiness. Plus, extract derived from the chasteberry flower is a proven ingredient to combat moodiness.


You probably already feel unattractive when you suffer from PMS. You’re body feels like a stranger. You’re moody. Now add acne to the mix. It’s like you’ll never feel desirable again! Acne is due to fluctuations in your hormones. It’s also common knowledge that stress causes acne. And of course you’re stressed out! Think of all that your body is going through. But did you know that omega fatty acids can help beat those breakouts? Natural remedies like Evening Primrose are chock full of omega-6 fatty acids. Of course, it is well known that vitamin E is an important antioxidant that promotes clear skin.

Decreased Sexual Desire

Thanks to PMS, you’re a mess of emotional and physical problems. You don’t feel attractive, so of course your sex drive goes down the drain. Decreased libido is actually due to a mixture of emotional and physical factors. Sure, your self confidence is probably at an all-time low. But did you know that female libido is due to estrogen and progesterone levels within your body? And you guessed it—these are the two hormones that are out of whack during your time of the month. It’s important that you add remedies that regulate your hormones to your diet. Add damiana to your diet, which has been prized by native Mexicans for centuries as a sexual stimulant.

As you can see, you don’t need prescription medications for PMS treatment…

…You just need the above home remedies for menstrual cramps.

But if you think you’ll need to buy out your local health food store for what helps cramps, guess again…

…Because every single severe period pain-fighting ingredient is contained right in the ultimate answer to
menstrual pain relief: Period Vitamin.

Period Vitamin is an incredible combination of vitamins,
minerals and botanicals provide the perfect balance your body
needs to gently soothe away even the worst PMS symptoms.


Each ingredient is critical in the fight against PMS because they form a perfect formula that’s proven to treat PMS directly at the source. And unlike pharmaceutical drugs, Period Vitamin doesn’t mask your PMS symptoms…

…Instead, each specific vitamin, mineral and herb works together to provide your body with the tools it needs to permanently get rid of menstrual cramps for good!

In fact, Period Vitamin is the only supplement that uses the best vitamins for women – and herbs and minerals – to combat severe period pain. Other supplements completely miss the mark because they only one or two of the three. But Period Vitamin maximizes your period-fighting power by using the very best of what Mother Nature has to offer.

Best of all, Period Vitamin is 100% natural, so you won’t ever have to worry about nasty side effects or dangerous health

After all, you should only put the very best anti inflammatory herbs, vitamins and minerals into your body – and Period Vitamin is the only PMS-fighting supplement that does exactly that!

Who Else Has Benefited From Period Vitamin – The Ultimate Answer For Women Seeking Natural PMS Relief?

You won’t believe how much Period Vitamin has changed my life. Less than one year ago, I was a miserable woman who let her irritability control my life. You name it, I took my irritable moods out on it. My coworkers started avoiding me. My family felt they had to walk on eggshells around me. I knew that my irritability was just a symptom of my PMS, and not actually a part of my personality – but due to the severity of my PMS symptoms, the lines were starting to blur. After taking one Period Vitamin supplement every day for the past two months, I can now report that my mood swings are non-existent, and my cramps are less severe. I feel like I can finally live my life again without dreading every 28th day. Thank you so much, Period Vitamin!”

Vitamin!” _Kirsten Henderson, Knoxville, TN

I highly recommend your product, Period Vitamin, for all women who experience painful bloating during their periods. As someone previously afflicted by menstrual bloating, I’m happy to say that thanks to Period Vitamin, I don’t have to pull out my fat pants every time my period rolls around. And as a single girl in the ever-fashionable New York City, I just can’t afford to let something as simple as bloating take a bite out of my confidence. I’ve recommended Period Vitamin to all my girlfriends who moan about their monthly bloating miseries – and they’ve all raved over its amazing powers to banish the bloat. I’m so glad you created Period Vitamin. Me and my fabulous skinny jeans thank you!

Kelly Brooks, Brooklyn, NY

Hi, My name is Katelyn, and for years, I’ve suffered from one severe PMS symptom in particular: breast tenderness. For two out of four weeks of the month, my breasts weren’t just “tender”; in fact, they were downright painful. Even breathing seemed to hurt my breasts. My husband couldn’t even enjoy the perks of being my partner during these painful times. Uka, it’s no exaggeration to say that I wanted my boobs back! So when I found Period Vitamin after a Google search, I decided to give it a chance. I’ll admit, it was a hard sell at first. I thought that if there wasn’t a prescription medication for it, then there’s no way that Mother Nature could provide something that would work as well. But I’ve never been happier to be proven wrong. After six weeks, my breast tenderness is practically a thing of the past. Thank you so much, Period Vitamin!

Tabitha Brown, San Diego, CA

Okay, this might seem cheesy. But even though I’ve never met you, I feel like you’ve given me my life back. After years of experiencing awful period-related headaches, I thought the medical community had given up on me completely. And they did. They told me that because I was “so young”, my PMS headaches would eventually settle down. I’m 25, with a career to build and a young family to look after. I don’t have time to let my headaches just “go away”! So I’ll admit, even thought I was desperate when I bought Period Vitamin, I didn’t honestly expect it to work. How could ingredients like red raspberry, chasteberry, and iron help when prescription drugs didn’t? But you know what? It did – and I’m so glad I tried Period Vitamin. I’ve told all my friends about it, so expect a huge flood in orders from Cali!

Jenny Lawrence, Playa del Rey, CA

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That’s why we’re so excited to offer three incredible deals on Period Vitamin. Simply pick the deal that looks
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Evening Primrose:

According to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, evening primrose can be used to treat period cramps and other menstrual symptoms. Evening primrose has also been shown to treat menopausal symptoms and fibrocystic breast disease. http://www.livestrong.com/article/169303-evening-primrose-for-pms-cramps.

Evening primrose was added to Period Vitamin to gently reduce irritation, depression, and breast tenderness associated with the menstrual cycle.


According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, chasteberry has been shown to relieve breast discomfort and menstrual irregularities. http://www.aafp.org/afp/2005/0901/p821.html

Chasteberry was added to Period Vitamin because it’s also known to reduce fluid retention, headaches, mood swings (including irritability and depression) and acne that’s caused by fluctuations in the menstrual cycle.


An article by esteemed website LiveStrong.com points out that cranberry can be used to treat PMS, as its known to decrease water retention and relieve painful period cramps. (http://www.livestrong.com/article/25574-foods-pms/)

Cranberry was also added to Period Vitamin because it’s been shown to effectively prevent bacteria from adhering to the wall of the bladder, which reduces the likelihood of infections during the menstrual cycle.

White Willow Bark:

In an article published by researchers at the University of Maryland Medical Center, white willow bark can be used to treat pain and inflammation, especially those experienced during the menstrual cycle. White willow bark can also boost the immune system. (http://www.umm.edu/altmed/articles/willow-bark-000281.htm)

White willow bark was added to Period Vitamin because it treats chronic pain from period cramps, headaches, muscle aches, and other pains associated with the menstrual cycle.

Dong Quai:

In a study conducted by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Tufts Medical Center at Tufts University, Dong Quai has been shown to relieve menstrual cramping. It’s a Chinese herb that’s been used by women for thousands of years to relieve severe period pains. (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22139538)

Dong Quai was added to Period Vitamin because it’s also been shown to regulate fluctuating hormones.

Red Raspberry:

In a study conducted by the faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology at the University of Zagreb in Croatia, red raspberry has been shown to filter excess hormones out of the blood stream. This can help relieve muscle spasms and uterine cramping associated with the menstrual cycle. (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22082102)

Red Raspberry was also added to Period Vitamin because it contains vitamins and minerals like B3 (Niacin), C and Manganese, all of which gives you healthy-looking skin to combat acne associated with your menstrual cycle.

Black Cohosh:

According to multiple studies compiled in an overview by US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health, black cohosh contains a phytoestrogen that mimics estrogen, which helps to combat period acne and mood swings associated with fluctuating hormones. (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22972105)

Black cohosh was added to Period Vitamin to help reduce the irritability and mood swings that occur during your menstrual cycle. Black cohosh can also help decrease the amount of breakouts you get during your menstrual cycle.


According to multiple studies compiled in an overview by WebMD, damiana has been shown to improve a woman’s libido. This can be especially helpful during the menstrual cycle, when a woman experiences a decrease in desire. (http://www.webmd.com/drugs/drug-17258-Damiana+Leaf+Oral.aspx?drugid=17258&drugname=Damiana+Leaf+Oral&source=0)

Damiana was also added to Period Vitamin because it increases energy levels. Damiana has also been shown to relieve depression associated with a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Cramp Bark:

According to several studies compiled by the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, teas made from cramp bark – a tried-and-true holistic herb used to treat menstrual pain – can reduce PMS cramping in addition to anxieties associated with severe premenstrual syndrome. (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed?term=cramp%20bark)

Cramp bark was also added to Period Vitamin because it can relax the uterine muscles, which contract to shed the blood lining. This effectively relieves moderate to severe cramping.


According to the Mayo Clinic, calcium can effective treat many premenstrual symptoms. It has also been shown to reduce the physical and psychological symptoms of PMS. (http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/premenstrual-syndrome/DS00134/DSECTION=alternative-medicine)

Calcium was added to Period Vitamin because it can reduce bloating, cramping and other pains associated with PMS. Additionally, long-term calcium intake can greatly reduce the risk of osteoporosis.


According to the Mayo Clinic, magnesium can reduce fluid retention, breast tenderness, and bloating in women with premenstrual syndrome. Additionally, it can help muscles relax, which helps minimize cramping. (http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/premenstrual-syndrome/DS00134/DSECTION=alternative-medicine)

Magnesium was also added to Period Vitamin because your body needs it to efficiently absorb calcium. This increases the efficacy of Period Vitamin.


According to Discovery Fit and Health, iron is an essentially part of treating premenstrual syndrome. When women go through their menstrual cycles, they experience low iron levels. This can cause fatigue, irritability, and a host of other painful PMS symptoms. (http://health.howstuffworks.com/wellness/women/menstrual/pms.htm)

Iron was added to Period Vitamin because it can help restore the energy levels that are depleted as a result of blood loss during the menstrual cycle.

Folic Acid:

In a study conducted by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Baskent University Faculty of Medicine in Turkey, women who increased their folic acid intake over the course of 12 weeks showed a remarkable improvement in their PMS symptoms. (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15790610)

Folic acid was added to Period Vitamin to help reduce common PMS symptoms like fatigue, mood swings, and uterine cramping.

Vitamin A:

According to the Department of Biology at the University of Science and Technology in Norway, Vitamin A has been shown to regulate hormonal fluctuations associated with the menstrual cycle (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23030655).

Vitamin A was added to Period Vitamin because it can help stabilize hormonal fluctuations, which can reduce mood swings, PMS-related acne, and weight gain.

Vitamin B:

According to the Department of Public Health at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Vitamin B can help reduce common premenstrual symptoms like cramping, bloating, and headaches. (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21346091)

Vitamin B was added to Period Vitamin in order to help reduce these common PMS symptoms throughout the entire menstrual cycle.

Vitamin C:

According to the Cleveland Clinic, Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that women should consume during their menstrual cycles. This is because Vitamin C helps eliminate chronic fatigue as well as reduces the risk of ovarian and breast cancers. (my.clevelandclinic.org/disorders/…/hic_pms_and_pmdd.aspx)

Vitamin C was also added to Period Vitamin because it helps your body control heavy bleeding. Vitamin C has also been shown to help the body absorb some of the major ingredients in Period Vitamin.

Vitamin E:

According to the Mayo Clinic, taking 400 mg of Vitamin E may ease PMS symptoms by reducing the production of prostaglandins, hormone-like substances that cause cramps and breast tenderness.


Supplement Facts

All raw materials are meticulously tested for its purity and potency.
No preservatives are used. The product is QC tested according to GMP guidelines in USA.

Amount Per 1 Tablet  % Daily Value
Vitamin A –Retinyl Acetate5000IU100%
Vitamin B1–Thiamine HCI3mg200%
Vitamin B2–Ribflavin3.4mg200%
Vitamin B6–Pyridoxine HCI50mg2500%
Vitamin C–Ascorbic Acid60mg100%
Vitamin E–Dl-Alpha Toco, Acetate15IU50%
Vitamin K1–Phytonadione90mcg**
Folic Acid–Folate400mcg100%
Iron–Ferrous Fumarate18mg100%
Pantothenic Acid–CA Pantothenate50mg500%
Herbal Blends320mg**
Black Cohosh
Cramp Bark
Damiana Leaf
Dong Quai
Evening Primrose
Red Raspberry
White Willow Bark
Wild Yam
** Daily value is not established

Other Ingredients:Cellulose, Croscarmellose sodium, Stearic Acid, Providone, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium stearate, Carnauba wax

Caution: As with any dietary or herbal supplement, you should advise your healthcare practitioner of the use of this product. Not for use by those under 18. If you are nursing, pregnant, or considering pregnancy, you should consult your healthcare practitioner prior to using this product. Consult with a physician if you have any medical condition before using this product.

Note: Period Vitamin is a dietary supplement designed to support women's nutrition needs. It is not intended for use in the diagnosis or treatment of any disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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