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Period Vitamin was founded in January of 2008 by women for women. After suffering as many other women do with PMS, Period Vitamin set out to find a solution.

It seems that doctors often sweep PMS under the rug and since we all go through it; we should just deal with it. But the founders of Period Vitamin did not think that had to be true.

They set out on this journey by formulating a vitamin that provides women the nutrients they needed to have a balanced vitamin intake and combat the causes of PMS.

Working with natural ingredients, they formulated a product that can address the causes of PMS and found the right combination of all natural ingredients to fight those changes in the body.

By looking at the causes of PMS from a scientific standpoint, the makers of Period Vitamin found that hormone fluctuations were the root cause of PMS symptoms. So the question became how do you stop the fluctuations without interfering with the natural cycles of the body?

The answer was to start with each symptom and address which hormone change caused that symptom and then finding a natural ingredient to counterbalance the hormone change.

Since being natural was an important element for the founders of Period Vitamin, they sought out the best raw material distributors in the United States to provide the vitamins, herbs and minerals that go into their product. Upon receipt of the ingredients to the facility, the makers of Period Vitamin test for quality a second time to ensure the safety of their product.

Period Vitamin set out to create a product to relieve women of their PMS symptoms where other products have failed and succeeded while keeping it all natural without a single preservative or synthetic ingredient and completely safe.Period Vitamin, SUUT LLC9663 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 499
Beverly Hills, CA 90210 United States