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What is Period Vitamin?

A women’s overall health and well-being is dependent on many factors that influence her body, mind and spirit. Nutrition plays a key role in how healthy she is, and experts agree that there are many times in a woman’s life when her nutritional needs vary. Matching the nutrients needed with the particular time period is critical to staying in optimal health.

Period Vitamin is the only nutritional supplement that addresses a woman’s need for specific nutrients during the child-bearing years when she has her menstrual period. Monthly fluctuations in certain vitamins and minerals create a need for a special selection of high-potency vitamins, minerals and natural herbs that have been shown to be beneficial for health and wellness during and after the menstrual cycle. When these nutrients are not supplied, the toll on the body is felt and expressed through daily symptoms of fatigue, headache, depression, memory loss, and lack of passion for life.

Supplying these critical nutrients, Period Vitamin when taken on a regular basis can potentially eliminate symptoms of PMS and other menstrual cycle-related issues. That’s why Period Vitamin is much more than an ordinary PMS supplement; it’s a holistic way to support a woman’s body during the entire month, not just during her menstrual period.

Why not strengthen the body ALL month long, year after year, by providing the woman’s body with exactly what it needs?

At Period Vitamin, our mission is to give women the opportunity to have a symptom-free period of the month, every month while building health along the way.

What Does Period Vitamin Do in the Body?

Period Vitamin’s high-potency formula supplies plenty of nutrients that are known to have actions that are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, free-radical quenching, mood enhancers and immune system boosters.

With this type of nutritional support, a woman’s body can slide through the pre-menstrual and menstrual period with a minimum of symptoms. And more importantly, Period Vitamin can play a key role in preventing illness and contributing to a woman waking up in the morning full of energy and passion for life with the ability to face every challenge successfully for the day.

What Benefits are Received from Period Vitamin?

Often a woman suffers from symptoms during “that time of the month.” Her PMS and menstrual symptoms can include swollen and painful breasts, cramps, headache, irritability, fatigue, swelling and water retention, and emotional outbreaks. Some of these symptoms are caused by hormone fluctuations; others are from nutrient deficiencies.

Scientists have discovered clear correlations between these PMS and menstrual symptoms and lack of nutrients. When vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients from herbs that are needed by the body are taken, there is often a relief of symptoms that is experienced. Period Vitamin is taken during the entire month so that health is continually built from a strong foundation of nutrients. The longer the supplements are taken, the greater the chance that the symptoms will stay away forever. Period Vitamin is for prevention; it’s for support; and it’s for day-to-day renewal. Period Vitamin gives every woman the opportunity to show her best to the world every day, every day of the month, no matter what.