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Is this basically a beefed up women's multivitamin?

No. Period Vitamin is a hormone balancer. It is designed to provide the missing ingredients that fluctuate with your menstrual cycle. By eliminating the fluctuation in hormones, you regulate the PMS.

If I take your Period Vitamin, do I need to take my daily multivitamin?

You should discuss this with a physician or nutritionist to make sure that your diet includes all the nutritional requirements for a balanced diet. Period Vitamin does provide vitamins required in a balanced diet, but the daily requirement will depend on the individual’s current diet situation. We have included a B complex in our vitamin, but if you have concerns, contact your physician.

What is the best schedule for taking Period Vitamin?

You should take both Period Vitamin pills in the morning after eating breakfast. This helps aid in digestion and prevents any upset stomach.

Are Period Vitamins sold in stores?

No. Period Vitamin is only sold on our website at www.periodvitamin.com.

Is Period Vitamin available through a chemist?

No. Since Period Vitamin is 100% natural, there is not chemistry involved. There are no synthetically produced ingredients in Period Vitamin.

How long has Period Vitamin been marketed?

We began sales in 2008 and it has been on the market consistently for 4 years.

I have difficulty with large pills. Is this pill easy to swallow?

Yes. Period Vitamin has been designed to be as easy to take as any other multi-vitamin on the market. It is of comfortable size and shape.

Does Period Vitamin Really Work For PMS Relief, I would like to see some proof or review?

For a three month review of this product from one of our customers, please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COxszOdJVH0

Is Period Vitamin safe for consumption when I am breastfeeding my baby?

No. We do not recommend taking a supplement of this type if you are breastfeeding.

Do your period vitamins have corn, gluten or dairy in them? I have allergies to these foods and wanted to make sure that your period vitamins do not have them before I get them.

No. Our vitamins are strictly vitamin, herb and mineral based. There are not additives or fillers.

How many pills are in the bottle of period vitamin? Is this something you take every day or just during a recommended time?

There are 60 tablets to a bottle. During the first three months, you take two vitamins daily and add a third vitamin during menstruation. After the first three months, you only take two tablets for two weeks per month, the week prior and during menstruation. This helps build up the vitamins in your body to reduce the PMS symptoms and sustain those levels later on.

I have always taken a women's vitamin with extra calcium for my bones and I do need something that is all natural organic, because I do have a sensitive stomach. Is this an approved product? Can I still take extra calcium with this?

Yes this product is all natural so it is safe for your stomach. While Period Vitamin contains 10% of the daily requirement for calcium, if you require more, you should take more and there are no interactions with adding calcium to Period Vitamin.

You should discuss this with a physician or nutritionist to make sure that your diet includes all the nutritional requirements for a balanced diet. Period Vitamin does provide vitamins required in a balanced diet, but the daily requirement will depend on the individual’s current diet situation. We have included a B complex in our vitamin, but if you have concerns, contact your physician.

No. We take pride in our product being natural and by-product free. This vitamin contains only natural plant herbs and extracts, vitamins, and minerals found naturally. There are no animal products in Period Vitamin.

What is the source for your ingredients?

All of Period Vitamin’s ingredients are sourced from reliable and known raw material supplier in the United States so they are reliable and safe.

What kind of testing has Period Vitamin been through?

All ingredients are tested at the raw manufacturer level in the United States. They are guaranteed safe before they are even made into a vitamin. Once we receive the ingredient, we quality control test all ingredients and final products according to Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines.

Does Period Vitamin have side effects?

The ingredients in Period Vitamin are 100% natural and we use no preservatives. There are no side effects and the product is completely safe for consumption.

What would be the deficiency signs of iron deficiency?

Constipation, brittle nails, pale skin, fatigue, shortness of breath upon exertion (exercising)

What foods are highest in iron?

Organ meats like liver, meats, eggs, fish and poultry, blackstrap molasses, cherry juice, green leafy vegetables, dried fruits, and desiccated liver

As you can see, it’s pretty difficult to get enough unless you frequently eat meals such as liver with a huge salad, dried black mission figs OR steak, green leafy vegetables, beans with molasses, cherry juice. See what I mean?

Are there any side effects from taking the Menstrual Formula?

The vitamins, minerals and herbs in the supplement are recognized by the body as substances that are wanted and needed for health. However, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, then this
supplement is not for you.

The ‘side effects’ that people receive from taking a well-balanced supplement are generally the same for all – health!

Can a nutritional supplement really make a difference when someone has menstrual cramps?

Yes. Often, cramps are the result of low calcium levels. Even if you consume a good amount of calcium in your diet, it’s still possible to end up with low levels. That’s because there’s a drop in blood calcium levels at a certain time during the menstrual cycle. This drop cannot be prevented because the body is “programmed” to drop the calcium during this time; it’s similar to how your body is programmed to go into different levels of sleep each night.

How long does it take after starting the supplements to see a difference in my periods?

Everyone is different: some may take 90 days while others may take a few weeks. Give it a fair trial of at least 90 days, or three cycles.

What type of dietary changes should I make if I don't want to have any more PMS?

There are three changes that can make a big difference in how your body experiences your monthly cycle:

Take sugar out of your diet. That means any food or beverage that contains the following: sugar, cane sugar, sucrose, dextrose, fructose, dextrin, and corn syrup. There are many more types of sugar, but if you focus on eliminating these, you will be amazed at how easy your period becomes.

Take an omega-3 supplement. Almost everyone in the U.S. is deficient in omega-3 fats because we’ve spent the lat 10+ years eating hydrogenated fats and trans fats that block its absorption. There’s another reason why we’re low–it’s because we don’t eat the right proportion of omega-3 fat to omega-6 fat. Grains are high in omega-6 and so are oils such as corn oil, soy oil, cottonseed oil, and vegetable oil.

Make a point to eat at least four servings of vegetables a day. This really isn’t that difficult! After you’ve mastered four servings, strive for six servings per day.

I notice that I can be a real "Moody and Tempermental" right before my period starts. It's like I can't help myself; like something almost snaps in my brain and makes me that way. Can this be related to nutrition?

Yes. The B vitamins are very much involved in keeping your brain working at high capacity and keeping your moods level. It’s common for B vitamin deficiencies to show symptoms in women such as anxiety, depression, irritability

I'm always concerned about being the best I can possibly be and I was wondering this: is it possible to have a menstrual period without any cramps, headaches, fatigue, and breast tenderness?

That is an excellent question! The good news is that YES, it is possible, and many women have discovered that when they cleaned up their diet and started taking well-balanced nutritional supplements, their period came and went – without a worry, without a second thought.

I noticed that there's iron in the Menstrual Formula. I have a friend who reads nutrition articles and she says that iron shouldn't be taken because it can create free radicals. What do you think?

There is a certain segment of the nutrition industry that believes that no one should take any iron. However, one of the nutrients lost in large amounts each month in the menstrual blood is iron. If this is not replaced, you can suffer from a deficiency. And if the levels of iron get extremely low, then it’s possible to have a stroke or heart attack and fall into a coma. Women who have still their periods absolutely need iron; and often they aren’t eating enough foods high in iron to replace what’s lost each month.