How to Get Rid of Menstrual Bloating the Natural Way

Just like millions of women all over the world you probably dread your menstrual cycle more than anything else in the world. Many would rather suffer water torture for the rest of their lives if it meant that they did not have another annoying and painful period ever again! The fact is that like so many other women all over the world, you may suffer from terrible bloating during your period. There is nothing worse than not being able to fit into your jeans and feel like you are about to explode ay any second.

The fact is, if you do some research, you will discover that as many as one in four women suffer from bloating during their period. That is a heck of a lot of women.

And you would think that the medical world would have been able to find something, anything, to be able to make us all go "Aaaahhhh" and make that pain disappear.

But unfortunately for many women, and those of you who are reading this now, nothing seems to completely cure that horrible, painful bloating feeling.

If you are at the end of your tether and want to find a cure read on to find out how to get rid of Menstrual bloating.

pms bloating belly

Many of us rely on the medical world with all of their innovations and newly found medicines to help cure us of unbearable symptoms. If you open my mind a little bit and turn to natural products that you could use to try and cure my bloating you may just be surprised that there are natural products out there that do work.

If you think about it, there are several reasons for this. First off, many of the remedies contain something called Calcium Carbonate. Now, Calcium Carbonate is widely used in many medicines and is revered as a fantastic substance to use in the natural remedy world.  Coincidentally, it is also used in dietary supplements to ensure that people get enough Calcium into their bodies to help prevent disease such as Osteoporosis and Rickets.

The natural medicine world holds Calcium Carbonate up on a pedestal and it is easy to see why; for a ten year study proved that Calcium Carbonate taken by women who regularly experienced painful PMS symptoms including bloating helped to reduce the symptoms of PMS by up to 30%. And that was a range of symptoms which included depression, food cravings, back pain and mood swings.

If you dig a bit deeper you will find that another magical ingredient used is Magnesium Carbonate. Magnesium is needed for many reasons but primarily acts as an aid for the body to absorb Calcium. But rather than being just a helper, Magnesium itself has been linked to actually helping ease the PMS symptoms women face in its own right. Magnesium Oxide helps the muscles to relax relieving cramps and spasms (something which frequently goes hand in hand with bloating!) as well as tackling mood swings and fluid retention.

So there you go – many women would advise you be to step away from the medical world that we are all so used to relying on and have an open mind. Many sufferers have found that some of the natural products are the best way to relieve bloating symptoms and restoring their sanity!