Effective Solutions to Beat Premenstrual Tension (PMT)


If you’re experiencing PMT problems, then you might think that there’s nothing you can do.  You’ve gone to medical professionals for help, but they just brush your problem off as just a natural part of being a woman.  They tell you to take over the counter medication, or just take a warm bath and relax.

Tension Premenstrual

But those medical professionals don’t really understand just how bad your pmt problems really are.  They don’t understand that for one week out of the month, you feel like you’re on edge. 

You start grinding your teeth together as you think about everything you have to do for the week. 

Your muscles feel like they’re constantly on edge, expecting something bad to happen. 

You feel like it’s impossible to relax – in fact, you just pray that you can make it through the next three to five days so you can start feeling like normal again. 

That’s what it’s like living with Premenstrual Tension symptoms – and as far as you’re concerned, you’re not going to put up with it for another minute.  So how can you solve your pms difficulties without resorting to prescription medications?

It’s simple: follow these tips and tricks to put your tension problems to rest!

Understand Your Symptoms


PMT syndrome don’t always have to deal exclusively with anxiety and tension; in fact, the myriad of symptoms run the gamut.  If you experience the following symptoms, then you could be suffering from premenstrual problems: headaches, backaches, bloating, stress and insomnia. 

By understanding what symptoms you’ll experience with this, you can more effectively tackle this problem and get your life back on track.

Beating Insomnia


Can’t fall to sleep after a long hard day at work? 

Are you left tossing and turning at night, even though you’re only operating on a couple of hours of sleep? 

Are you desperate to fall asleep at night, but just can’t seem to get the shut-eye you need, even when the sun starts to rise and the birds are chirping? 

Then you are definitely suffering from the kind of insomnia that comes hand in hand with this syndrome. 

If you want to beat insomnia at its own game, then use the following technique: go for a jog or a session at the gym approximately five hours before your usual bedtime. 

Studies have shown that three to five hours after a grueling session at the gym, our energy levels start to fall and we become extremely tired. 

If you time it just right, you should be feeling sleepy right for your bedtime. 

PMS Insomnia

Also, if you tend to leave your computer on or are obsessively checking your emails right up until your bedtime, then it’s time to turn off the technology and let your mind go to sleep. If you leave any lights on during the hour before your bedtime, this prompts your mind to stay awake, as it thinks it’s still daytime. 

This piece of advice can be applied to your alarm clock as well; if you have one of those clocks with the glowing red lights, you might want to exchange it in favor of a clock that doesn’t shine so brightly.  So leave the Blackberry in the living room, put away your computer and let your body actually fall asleep.

Fight Off Anxiety and Exhaustion


It’s 11 am and despite having two cups of coffee, you’re still feeling exhausted.  You know that your exhaustion levels are a direct result of your anxiety issues – after all, it’s difficult to fall asleep when your mind is still running a mile a minute at night.  This is a major component of pms problems, so if you want to get a full night’s sleep again and feel more relaxed, then it’s time to get more vitamins and minerals in your daily diet.

Think that vitamins and minerals are just for fighting off colds?  Think again: research has shown that these essential nutrients boost immune system health, keep our organs healthy and strong, and can even boost the production of serotonin within the brain, which is our body’s “happy” chemical. 

Better still, in addition to fighting off anxiety and exhaustion, vitamins and minerals can help eliminate other pmt problems, including headaches, fatigue, bloating and menstrual cramps.  All of the symptoms can exacerbate pms, which is why you might be feeling so tired and worried for much of your menstrual cycle.

To get your fill of vitamins and minerals, increase the amount of fruits and veggies in your diet, and start taking a powerful nutritional supplement. 

NHC Choices On Complementary Medicines



Complementary medicines

There are many non-prescribed alternative treatments and supplements for PMS, and many women find them helpful in easing their symptoms. However, there is little research to back up their effectiveness. Most of the existing studies have shown mixed results.

Examples of complementary therapies that may reduce some symptoms of PMT are vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, vitamin B6 and vitamin E.

Always see your GP before taking any complementary medicine or supplement. If you decide to take a complementary treatment, take one at a time so you know if it works for you. If your symptoms don’t change after three months, go back to your GP, who may recommend another treatment.


Use Herbs for Relaxation


If you’re still suffering, then it’s time to call in Mother Nature to help you solve your symptoms.  If you’ve never taken herbal remedies for PMS before, then you’re missing out on a proven way to battle tension, anxiety, worry and depression without resorting to prescription medications. 

Herbs such as black cohosh, wild yam and wild willow bark have all been proven to relieve anxiety and even stabilize mood levels, which is crucial for menstruating women who suffer from debilitating mood swings.

Worried that you’ll have to buy out the natural health foods store just to get the herbal remedies, vitamins and minerals you need to battle your pmt problems? 

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