Depression During or Before Period: Ways To Cope

When it comes to menstrual depression, you don’t need an expert to tell you that it’s interfering with your life.  In the week before your period comes around, it seems as though a gray cloud suddenly hangs over your head – and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.  Suddenly, instead of being your usual bright and bubbly self, you’re becoming withdrawn and moody.  You cancel plans with family members because you just can’t see the point in going out and being social.  You’re snappy with your coworkers, and you find yourself crying for no reason at all.

depressed womanYes, when it comes down to it, pms depression is certainly ruining your life once a month.  But is there any way to combat against this issue – or do you just have to grin and bear it?

While plenty of medical professionals are only too happy to write off depression and anxiety as being a typical part of womanhood, there’s a growing body of experts who are starting to realize that PMS sadness is something that shouldn’t be tolerated.

After all, these things can strike at least once a month – so why should you have to put up with something that makes such a common appearance in your life?

If you want to point the finger at something for your emotional symptoms, then you can blame those clever little hormones in your body.  In the beginning of your menstrual cycle, your body is pumped full of hormones in preparation for pregnancy.  When your egg remains unfertilized and the body realizes that it’s not about to get pregnant anytime soon, your hormone levels drastically drop in order to bring about your period.  While this seems cut and dry from a medical perspective, the emotional and mental experience is anything but.

When those hormone levels drop, it takes your mood with it.  Like a pregnant woman’s mood swings, your hormone fluctuations wreak havoc on your ability to put a smile on your face.  And unfortunately, treating menstrual depression can be tough, as it deals directly with your hormone levels.

If you suffer from severe pms depression, then it’s worth noting that going on the Pill or any other form of hormonal birth control can do a lot for your mood swings, irritability and depression.  The Pill helps to regulate your hormonal levels, which in turn means that your mood stays relatively calm and stable.  See your gynecologist if you suffer from particularly severe menstrual depression, as you’ll need your hormone levels to be stable to effectively treat PMS depression that’s so bad.

If you’re already on the Pill or only suffer from mild to moderate, then use the following remedies to get your mood right back on track.

Get Your Body Moving

I get it – when you’re knee-deep in the middle of depression, the last thing you feel like doing is going out and getting your body moving.  But trust me, exercise is one of the best remedies – and research proves it.  Any form of exercise causes the brain to increase its serotonin levels, which medical experts liken to taking a powerful anti-depressant.


When our serotonin levels are coursing through our brains, we start to feel relax, happy and content.

Think about how you feel after a particularly good workout: chances are no matter what was bothering you before, it all melted away as soon as you pounded it out on the treadmill for ten or twenty minutes.

No matter what your favorite form of physical exercise, be sure to get plenty of it when you start to experience these emotional symptoms.  Go for a jog with your dog, take a workout class with a friend, or even get your partner involved in a steamy sack session (yes, sex increases serotonin productions as well!).

As long as your heart is racing and your body’s moving, you should feel those gray clouds lift away in no time.

Socialize with Loved Ones

When you’re feeling depressed, sometimes the last thing you feel like doing is hanging out with friends, family members and loved ones.  But if you want to beat depression at its own game, it’s time to swallow your sadness and make plans with that one person who always knows how to make you smile.

Studies have shown that the more face-to-face time we spend with friends, the better we feel about ourselves.  So if you think that socializing over Facebook or talking on the phone counts, don’t let yourself be fooled.  Make a lunch date with an old friend, or catch up with your big sister over drinks after work.  You’ll start to feel content and loved – and that’s the magic combination that can naturally undermine depression.

Get The Nutrition Your Body Needs

Of course, your body can become susceptible to it if you’re not giving it the right fuel it needs.

Think about it this way: how did you feel after a particularly bad week of binging on junk food and sugary drinks?

Did you feel positive and happy about life?

Or did you feel sluggish and bummed out by your bad food choices?

It’s hard for your body to get depressed when its chockfull of the vitamins and minerals it requires to function properly.  Additionally, taking all-natural herbs can also help you fight away symptoms of pms depression.  period vitamin

There’s a wide assortment of herbal remedies that have been known to improve moods and calm anxiety; from chasteberry to wild yam, Mother Nature has a cornucopia of depression remedies just waiting to be discovered.

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