How to Help With PMS – Your Questions Answered

How to Help With PMS – Your Questions Answered

Discovering ways to ease pms symptoms might seem like a relatively simple topic.  After all, if you take a simple stroll down the medicine aisle at your local pharmacy or grocery store, you’ll see a ton of over-the-counter pills that promise to end all of your worst PMS symptoms


Add to the fact that tampons and maxi pads are getting smaller and smarter than ever, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that learning the ways to reduce PMS is a simple solution.

That’s what it seems like, at least – unlike you actually try some of the remedies that drug stores and websites suggest. You’ve been in this scenario before: you’ve tried holding the hot compresses to

your abdomen,  hoping that it will ease the painful PMS cramps. You’ve tried taking the pills that promise to tackle period weight, only to gaze in despair at the numbers on the scale as they inch up higher and higher. 

Between “home remedies” that need to stay at home and prescription medications that only mask the pain, you’re wondering if there’s any real way to learn how to help with PMS.

If you feel like your PMS is going to drive you over the cliff, then you’ve come to the right place.  I have the ultimate answers to all your PMS woes – better still, most of these remedies don’t require any special medications or ultra-fancy solutions.  You can get the PMS help you need right now…

…So what are you waiting for?  Read on for the ultimate remedies and help with your PMS!

Got Painful Cramps? 

One of the most common complaints that menstruating women have about their PMS is dealing with painful menstruation cramps.  You know the kind of cramps I’m talking about: the cramps that leave you curled up on the couch and desperate to cancel all of your social plans. 

cramping womanThe kind of cramps that are so painful, you can’t think about anything else but ending the pain.  The kind of cramps that make you wish you had been born a man, instead of a menstruating woman.

Well, now you have the techniques you need to learn how to help with PMS cramps.  Rather than taking over-the-counter pain medication and hoping that the cramps go away, you need to get to the root of your problems. 

Painful PMS cramps are often caused by a vitamin deficiency in your diet.  As PMS cramps are caused by the uterus muscle contracting and seizing up, the muscles are left tired and sore after shedding the uterine lining.  While vitamins are crucial to repairing muscles, a diet that’s lacking in vitamins will leave your uterus high and dry.

Start making a major change to your diet now and you’ll see a real difference in your PMS symptoms in just a few weeks.  Fill up your plate with lots of green and yellow veggies (think spinach, broccoli, squash, and corn), eat plenty of lean meat (turkey and chicken is a great choice) and drink lots of fluids that have been enriched with your daily vitamin supply (stock up on orange juice and vitamin water).  With all of the vitamins you’ll be receiving in your diet, your menstruation cramps won’t stand a chance when your period comes around.

Feeling Tired?  Get a Nutritional Supplement in Your Life

1If you think nutritional supplements are only for older women or athletes, then think again: nutritional supplements are fantastic for helping menstruating women beat the exhaustion and fatigue that comes along with their periods. 

Period Vitamin

If you find yourself unable to crawl out of bed in the mornings or just can’t seem to shake off your exhaustion – even in the middle of the afternoon after your second coffee – then your body is screaming for the vitamins and minerals that are packed in nutritional supplements. 

But don’t just pick up any supplement; you need one with the right combination of vitamins, minerals and herbs that will help your body repair itself during the menstruation process.

Period Vitamin is a revolutionary new nutritional supplement that has been specifically formulated to help menstruating women breeze through their periods.

If you find yourself getting exhausted by your menstruation cycle or suffer from debilitating physical symptoms (like cramps and headaches), then Period Vitamin can put an end to your PMS misery.  It’s the only nutritional supplement that’s proven to help with PMS.

Nurse Your Mind and Body

Plenty of over-the-counter medications promise to tackle physical PMS symptoms – but what about all of the emotional symptoms that come along with your menstrual cycle?  You know the ones I’m talking about: the mood swings.  The irritability.  The crying spells.  There are so many changes in your emotions that you feel like you should nominate yourself for an Oscar.

156Over-the-counter medications won’t show you how to help with PMS, especially those emotional and mental symptoms; but taking the time to nurse your mind and body certainly will.  

Many women make the mistake of trying to power through their mood swings or just ignoring their irritability in the hopes that it goes away.  Instead of brushing it off as an inevitable part of being a menstruating woman, try this technique out for size: channel your emotions into something productive. 

If you’re feeling irritable and anger, take out your emotions in a kickboxing class at the gym.  If you’re feeling sad, watch a tearjerker and let yourself be sad.  Trying to coast through your emotions – even if they’re directly related to your PMS – is never a good idea.  Just be sure not to take them out on a nearby family member or friend – that’s never a good way to deal with PMS!

If you want to learn how to help with PMS once and for all, then visit the Period Vitamin website today.  It’s chockfull of articles, advice and nutritional supplements that have been designed to tackle your worst PMS woes.  Get Period Vitamin today, and learn how to help with PMS tomorrow.