Here’s How Herbs Provide Menstruation Relief

If you’re skeptical about how herbs provide menstruation relief, then you’re not alone.  Plenty of women find it hard to believe that herbal remedies can provide the same relief – or even more relief – than over-the-counter pills and prescription pain medications. 


So instead of investigating more about these herbal remedies, you decide to stick to your tried-and-true PMS remedy of over-the-counter pain medication. 

As soon as your menstrual cramps come on, you pop a couple of ibuprofen, sit back and wait for the pain to go away in another forty-five minutes to an hour. 

During that time, you feel like your stomach is going to be ripped out from the inside;

in fact, it’s so bad that you’re considering canceling all of your social plans and calling in sick at work.

But even when the over-the-counter pills deaden the pain, they come back with a vengeance after just a couple of hours.  And that doesn’t even include all of the other nasty PMS symptoms that come hand in hand with your menstrual cycle. 

What about the debilitating exhaustion you feel, even after getting a full night’s sleep? 

What about the crippling headaches that make you feel as though your eyes are going to pop out of your head? 

What about the weight gain that makes you feel depressed and self-conscious?

Yes, when it comes down to it, not even an over-the-counter pain pill can tackle all of the PMS symptoms that come along with your monthly menstrual cycle. But that’s where herbs menstruation relief comes in. Unlike prescription medications and over the counter pain pills, herbal remedies aren’t meant to mask your PMS symptoms or to exclusively treat one aspect of your PMS. 

Instead, herb menstruation remedies tackle your worst PMS symptoms straight at the source of all of your misery.  So if you suffer from awful period pains or you feel constantly exhausted while having your period, stop reaching for over the counter medications and gigantic cups of coffee.

Instead, it’s time to reach to Mother Nature’s ultimate answer: herbs menstruation remedies.

Why Herbs Work Better

Wondering why herbs work better at solving your PMS woes, rather than decades of pharmaceutical research?  It’s simple: prescription medications and over-the-counter pain pills were only ever designed to mask your PMS symptoms, not treat them.  But as herbal remedies tackle the source of some of your most common symptoms – not to mention that the body responds to these all-natural wonders better – this puts herbal remedies ahead of medication by a long shot.

Herbs also work better because the body knows how to respond to these nutrients.  You see, for thousands of years, women have used herbal remedies to treat their PMS symptoms; this means that over time, our bodies have gotten used to these all-natural ingredients and know how to respond to it better.  However, if you look at the ingredients list of any prescription medications, you’ll see a whole host of manmade chemical components that seem so foreign.  The human body isn’t used to these ingredients, which means it doesn’t use it as efficiently as herbal remedies.

Additionally, most pain medications and prescriptions aren’t meant to be taken over the long-term, as they can have harmful side effects.  Need proof?  Just take a look at the back of your favorite PMS symptom treatment.  Notice how it says not to take a certain amount of pills over a 24-hour period, or how you have to discontinue usage after a week or two?  That’s because prescription medications can build up to toxic amounts through prolonged use, which can bring on a host of other problems that can cause permanent damage to your body.

So when it comes down to it, what would you rather use to treat your PMS symptoms: herbs menstruation remedies, or toxic prescription medications that cause more harm than good?  The choice is very easy to make!

The Herbs Menstruation Remedies That Can Make a Difference

So what kind of herbal remedies can really make a difference with your PMS symptoms?
Well, let’s take a look at some of the most powerful PMS-fighting herbs out there today. 

Herbal remedies like wild yam, wild willow bark and black cohosh have all been proven to battle back against stressed-out muscles and mood swings, which will help battle those bouts of irritability and depression that are so common during the menstrual cycle. 

Chasteberry and cranberry are known to encourage uterine health, which can help keep this vital organ strong during the PMS cycle. 

And evening primrose and red raspberry have long been known to have pain-fighting properties, which can help your tired muscles fight back against debilitating PMS cramps that can leave you curled up in a ball on your couch.

Let’s face it: when it comes to breezing through your period, nothing compares to the power of herbs menstruation remedies. 

But maybe you’re worried that you’ll have to buy out your local health foods store just to get your hands on the herbs you need. 

After all, red raspberry is common enough, but you’re not exactly about to find black cohosh and damian sitting in your grocery’s produce aisle, are you?


Besides, how do you even know how to take that stuff anyways?

That’s where Period Vitamin comes into play.  Period Vitamin is a revolutionary nutritional supplement that combines all of the best herbs menstruation remedies – not to mention crucial vitamins and minerals – that women need to breeze through their periods. 

The high-potency formula doesn’t mask PMS symptoms; rather, each ingredient acts to soothe and treat every PMS woe straight at the source.  From nausea and headaches to menstrual cramps and exhaustion, your period pains won’t stand a chance against these herbs menstruation remedies.

Don’t entrust your health, vitality and well-being to a pharmaceutical company that’s only interested in making as much money off of you as possible.  Instead, discover how Period Vitamin’s herbs menstruation formula can put an end to your PMS misery once and for all.